Lightwave Editor (1.2)


A free utility to edit and modify Lightwave Object Files

NOTE: Lightwave Editor is not a viewer, or a modeller. For these things you need other programs.



The author of this software is Jörg Körber.
Permission to use this software for any purpose, subject to the provisions described below, without fee is hereby granted.Distribution is not allowed.
THIS SOFTWARE IS BEING PROVIDED AS IS, without any express or implied warranty. Note that Lightwave editor is not public-domain software or shareware, and it is not protected by a 'copyleft' agreement like the code of the Free Software Foundation.
It is available free for your personal use. You may NOT sell Lightwave editor or any product derived from it in which it is a significant part of the value of the product.

If you have problems with the software, mail Jörg Körber a concise description of the problem.


Lightwave Editor: Just install the .exe and follow the instructions.
Manual of Lightwave Editor (not yet ready)

Screen shots:

Screenshot of the material data editor interfaceScreenshot of the polygon editor interfaceScreenshot of the texture data editor interfaceScreenshot of the file information panelScreenshot of the about panelScreenshot of the options interface