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Theta Radiation Freighter
X-Wing Fighter

Theta Radiation Freighter

Topic: Malon Freighter
Type: Ship

The Malon freighters have been encountered by Voyager several times.
These vessels carry the highly toxic theta radiation waste produced by Malon antimatter technology, dumping it in relatively unpopulated areas.
The ships are large, and heavily armed - the Malon are not always choosy about where they dump their waste, and local inhabitants often attack the freighters which are polluting their environments.
The waste is carried in super dense form, allowing a single ship to carry over twelve million isotons in a single load. The extremely toxic nature of Theta radiation means that contamination of the crews work and living areas is a routine occurrence on these ships - despite the Malons advanced medical technology a waste controller who works six months of the year can expect his life to be cut in half, while a labourer who works close to the ships storage areas has a 70% chance of death within even a single trip.
The ships are designed with very little in the way of comforts for the crew; the interior is squalid and highly unhygienic. The crew live communally, even cleaning themselves in a facility which holds up to fifty at a time.

Dimensions: Length 1000 m, Width 160 m, Height 210 m, Decks 42, Mass Capable of carrying in excess of 4 Trillion isotons of cargo.
Crew Approximately 70, Warp Speeds Unknown, but maximum speed thought to be in excess of Warp Factor 9.
Armament 12 x Spatial charge launchers; each equivalent to Starfleet type 3 burst fire photon launcher.
Defence Systems Shield system, total capacity 1,890,000 Tera Joules.
Standard Duranium/Tritanium double hull.
Standard level Structural Integrity field.
Expected Lifetime Unknown.
Refit Cycle Unknown.

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Some in-game screens:

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X-Wing Fighter

Thema: X-Wing Fighter
Typ: Schiff

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Some in-game screens:

X-Wing Fighter - 1X-Wing Fighter - 2X-Wing Fighter - 3